Introducing: Coffee with Wes ☕

A condensed version of what I'm thinking about + the projects I'm working on

Welcome to Coffee with Wes, an occasional newsletter where I’ll share what I'm thinking about and the projects I'm working on.


  • Last week, I left my position as Head of Growth at Microverse (YC S19).

  • Over the coming weeks, I plan to write and think about two main ideas: 1) how technology can more quickly accelerate human potential and 2) how technology can help us act more intentionally in our personal relationships.

  • I’ll be splitting my time between Medellín, Colombia and San Francisco. If you’re around—let me know.

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Most of the content will either be links to tweet threads I’ve written or blog posts I’ve published.

On leaving Microverse…

(Click for the full thread)

On my next steps…

I’ll be writing, tweeting, and connecting with people that are thinking in the same things I am.

One of the biggest things on my mind? How we can more quickly accelerate human potential.

Thoughts below—both are Twitter threads, so you’ll have to click on them to read the full excerpts.

I’ll also be exploring a completely different interest—how social technology can help us foster more meaningful relationships and how there’s a coming disruption to advertising-driven social tech.

I’ll also continue to elaborate and share more about my conviction in the future of remote work. 😄

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